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Cry, it means you are alive!

Why do you wipe your tears away with shame?

Why do you say ‘I’m sorry’ when you cry?

To cry is a sign of life!

The day you were born people waited with abated breath as you were pushed into this world, anticipating your first cry.

As you opened your lungs and bawled for the very first time, others smiled with joy and gave a jubilant sigh of relief.

For crying meant you had made it, that you were here, that you were alive.

How confusing then, that ever since that first exclamation of life, your cries have been met with distaste.

Messages about weakness and who can and cannot cry.

Your power was taken and you no longer felt you had permission to cry.

The most primal part of your being- squashed.

Dear, your cries mean you are alive.

So sit with me and allow those tears to cleanse and fall.

I would choose your tears over your silence every hour of every day.

And don’t cry quietly; the wolf who is free in the wilderness does not hold back her cry for fear of ridicule, rather he howls whether in pain or joy or calling.

When the wolf howls, we know she is alive.

Let me see, let me hear,

For I am well pleased that you are here.

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