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Inner Peace

PEACE Hello Peace, I can feel you. You feel light, I feel floaty. I don’t remember you well, you are vaguely familiar in a nostalgic way of knowing and yet I feel like I have always known You. I knew you once, But I have been scared to meet with you again. Breathing, I am breathing A deep breath in A real long exhale I can breathe It is safe I am safe. Hello Peace, I like you I avoided you I thought you would lead me astray, Lead my mind away, I could not afford that, I needed to be vigilant I needed to survive, To seek out threat, Or at least that is what my mind told me. Yet Here In this moment Without an official meet and greet scheduled, Without effort Without expectation, You visit And this time I do not close the door on You. Here you are Here I am Let’s be friends.

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